"Dead City - Covid 19"

A documentation of the Greater Seattle area during lockdown.


Character based and thematically driven shoots.


"Wigs": Character spreads inspired by outfits, make up and wigs.  Actor Laura Shelly surges with new energy upon embodying a identity.

"Street Photography"

People traveling between the spaces and institutions that provide meaning. Life is always either in front of them or behind them.

"Interiors / Exteriors

Light, landscape, weather and tone.  This is a series about connection  without people.

Food & Drink"

Restaurant food and cocktails. Clients include:  Lost Lake Cafe, Queer Bar, Soi Capitol Hill, The Comet Tavern. 


Outdoor portraits using natural light for social media.

"Performance / Events"

Burlesque, dance, musical performances, social events.  Clients Include: Queer Bar & Pruf Cafe & Bar.

"Brick Con"

Brick Con is the largest lego convention in the PNW.  It is a 5 day event, with exhibitions of ingenious creativity and engineer for the public.  

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