Narrative Feature  |  Release Date 2020

   Writer & Director: Nick Thompson

"On a getaway weekend in the Skagit Valley, four friends from Seattle drift into their own dark, dangerous alternate realities."

"Push Pink"

   Narrative Short |  2018

   Writer & Director: Kai Tillman

"A trans person’s conflict using the public restroom leads him on a journey to answer some unresolved questions."

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Tel Aviv Internatio
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Merlinka Film Festi

"The Life of Flowers"

   Narrative Feature |  2017

   Writer & Director: Jimmy Bontatibus

"Exploring the bond between a young Bosnian woman and an American exchange student facing deportation."

 "Exploring the bond between a young Bosnian woman and an American exchange student facing deportation."

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Sarajevo Film Festi
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Prague Independent
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Local Sightings Fil

"The Boy Who Lived Before"

   Narrative Feature |  2017

   Writer & Director: Stephen Anunson

"Cody, a young boy haunted by memories of a past life, delves into the online world, attracting the attention of a budding film crew looking for sensational stories. Cody’s big brother Oliver is his confidant and guide as the pair moves through changing Seattle landscapes. As the memories become stronger and translated through the internet, the brothers confront their parents, who struggle to answer Cody's questions about his past."

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Local Sightings Fil
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Seattle Childrens F
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Riverside Internati

"Lying Posture of a Lion"

   Narrative Short |  2018

   Writer & Director: Andre Sanabria

"The film traces the journey of Ulysses, a man with a nebulous past, desperate to orient himself in a world that seems not quite his own. While blindly wandering through the Pacific Northwest, he meets oddly familiar strangers who force him to ruminate on the nature of time, regeneration, devastation and love. But as Ulysses' path leads him towards these answers, increasingly bizarre and gruesome events begin to take place."

"Diary of a Norwegian Cougar"

   Narrative Short |  2016

   Director: Alexander Lenzi

"This is the diary of a woman turning 50, who is going through a minor midlife-crisis and by accident stumbles upon the exciting world of cougars. She is energetic, impatient, intense, witty, sarcastic, and has tons of built-up sexual tension just screaming to get out. We follow her through a year of ups and downs, laughter and panic, self-examination and growing self confidence, sexy adventures and delicious orgasms. Her different lovers introduce her to the sensual pleasures in life, and she slowly discovers what she has been missing all those years of self-inflicted abstinence."

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   Narrative Short |  2015

   Writer & Director: Alexander Lenzi

"A Seattle transplant sells prescription pills in search for companionship."

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